• Doug Drinkwater

Welcome to Sylo Magazine - real stories for real people

Inspirational, reflective and useful in living a better life - this is what we hope Sylo Magazine can become.

We've been involved with media in some shape or form for the best part of ten years. Yet we think media generally doesn't really help us live our lives. It keeps us up-to-date with (largely terrible) news of course, or - certainly in 'lifestyle' magazines - lectures us to be fitter, skinnier or more muscular. In short, you rarely come away from a media site feeling happier, healthier or better informed as to how you should live your life.

This is why we have today launched Sylo Magazine, which I guess can be best described as a 'life function' blog. Our aim is to produce content that helps you navigate live real life, whether that's the struggles of work or relationships, or the practical difficulties of buying a house, raising a child or getting a job. A life hacks website perhaps, but hopefully a little more inspirational.

That's where we really hope Sylo (which stands for Sort Your Life Out) can have some difference, however small - whether it's advice on getting a mortage or helping a friend who has depression.

It's fair to say we both have had issues covered in Sylo, and in many ways we personally wanted to build Sylo for ourselves. We wanted someone or something to guide us through some of the issues we've faced, and we thought surely some others must be of the same opinion.

What stories can you expect?

So, what will we aim to do at Sylo? Well, we want this blog to the home of news analysis, features, interviews and events for the following topics:

- Mental health

- Real-life tips on personal life (things like buying a house, getting a mortgage/loans, etc)

- Real-life tips on professional life

- Inspirational stories from ordinary, everday people

This is obviously very early days but we want your advice, however good or bad. We want to hear your views, especially if you want to write an opinion piece or speak at our events. If we're not doing interesting content, tell us!

How can you get involved?

As this stage, Stylo is just a hobbyist project for us both and, as such, we are very keen to hear from other people who want to contribute in some way.

For example, perhaps you want to write an article, review a book or event, or propose someone we can interview. Maybe you'd like to help us with our free meet-up events we plan to hold in London. Whatever your idea, we'd love to hear from you. Please contact us through the contact page and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.

In particular, at this stage, we are really keen to hear from people who want to write about their own life experiences, or perhaps offer tips to others. You don't have to be a professional writer, simply something interesting to share/say.

This is early days for us and this site will hopefully evolve in time. We welcome your suggestions as to how we can improve the site and the content and we hope Sylo is an interesting and insightful read in the coming months!

Doug & Jon.